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CalPhonics was OUTSTANDING. We hired them with the hopes that they would bring something special to our wedding sound and feel, and they went above and beyond our expectations. We went all out for our wedding using their services throughout the entire event. Both my husband and I really were searching for the big band sound, and my husband just loves the brass sound.  CalPhonics nailed it. They have such an awesome and authentic sound all while playing everything and anything we asked for.  I mean...I just can't sell these guys enough. We loved them!

-- Rebekah (Bride)



I can not say enough about what an UNBELIEVABLE job CalPhonics did at our wedding. I think I have personally received compliments from all 120 guests about the band! It can be really intimidating when selecting your major wedding vendors, and of course an investment, however Erik and the band were absolutely the best money we spent on the wedding. I think SoCal weddings tend to go the DJ route, but in CalPhonics you'll get a band that doesn't do the traditional overdone wedding songs, but they really do current hits amazingly! Our dance floor was PACKED the entire wedding, and our other vendors have said they have never seen so much dancing- a true testament to the band! I kid you not our guests chanted "encore" at the end of the night, everyone enjoyed the music that much! They learned all of the songs we requested, and performed each better than we could ever imagined. 
I honestly don't know how we hit such a jackpot in finding CalPhonics, but I'm so thankful that they helped us create the best day of our lives.

-- Haley (Bride)




This band is fun, energetic, and talented. They were a hit at our reception! The dance floor was packed all night!





I had never heard of Calphonics before this wedding, and they were awesome. I love to dance and they played all the best dance songs, and played them incredibly well. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a good, fun, "danceable" band for their wedding.





My fiance and I found ourselves in a position where we were strained to coordinate the music for our wedding very last minute. Our wedding was approximately four weeks out. Erik very kindly explained that if we went with CalPhonics, music would be one thing that we could cross off our list and not have to worry about - and I believed him.  I can confidently say that Erik and CalPhonics was one of the best vendors I've worked with throughout my wedding planning experience.





My husband and I could not have been more pleased. Although we shopped around and looked at A LOT OF BANDS, The Calphonics were definitely the right choice. They made the party memorable. A lot of people commented on how great the band was, and the dance floor was packed the entire evening, which made me happy. No bride likes to dance alone! 🙂 Aside from their talent, they were super easy to work with. Ahead of the wedding they were always available for input and advice, and they are professional and responsible. We had a few odd song requests but they performed them perfectly. Thanks again!